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I jutht washed my hair and I can't do a thing with it. Little bathtard won't thtay thtill while I thew him back on. And after all that who do I even get to thee? Nobody.

Bathtardth thay I thould be thtaying in lurking in the thellar for effect. That'th all very well but who'th thuppothed to mithshape the treeth and feed the fiendth in the lagoonth? And they don't want me talking to other Igorth in cathe I get "ideath". Like a lifetime of ecthperimental brain thurgery hathn't made me a geniuth already, the patronithing bathtardth.


* * *
It ith rubbish having a cold becauthe my nothe ith all bunged up and I can't talk properly.

Woe ith me.

I don't even have any thpareth at prethent.

* * *
Thtupid fibreglath coffinth. It ithn't right. It ithn't proper. If I can thift it without getting another hernia it ithn't a coffin!

And I love my little herniath. They thit by the door waiting for me to come home and if they had tailth they'd wag them.

That'th an idea, actually. Thomething to do on my day off maybe.

* * *
Hello. My name ith Igor. I am interested in meeting Igorth and altho in vivithecthion, although thtrictly on a voluntary bathith.

I am very ecthited about thith community and hope to make many friendth.

* * *